from Eight Days

Novel excerpt by Scott Thompson   I. The sticky and warm South Carolina air lingered from the marsh and felt good on Clive Kinsella’s face as he lifted the last piece of camping gear onto the roof rack of his car. He was finally free to explore the country, then the world; and the freedom made … Read More


poetry by Dori Ann Dupre   You say you are unburdened today Choosing to play an alternative roulette instead You choose to live, free from the rage, for now As the Ugly slowly overtakes your breath What do I say? How do I fight that resignation? I know your pain is an untested wasteland Of … Read More


short fiction by Dori Ann Dupre   Sunshine, bright light, blazing rays into my bedroom. Wakey-wakey, roll over and start a new day. I rub my eyelids and open my hazel eyes, the kind with yellow flecks inside the irises, and observe the small black fly sitting on my happy yellow wall, just above the … Read More


poetry by Ezekiel Black man Looking Away —The thighbone jutting out of a Knight was the territory of Poland men, women and children inhabit the city along the wou[n]d all skulls have bullet holes nowhere is that more true than in Germany   On Benefits a dollar is a rank bill and The Republic of … Read More

from Guns of the Waste Land – “What the Women Saw”

short fiction by Leverett Butts   Gettysburg, Pennsylvania July, 1863 Ida Alkaev, the young Russian seamstress clad in a brown dress and beaded vest, sat outside the commander’s tent mending his jacket as well as she could. It was slow work. The scarcity of good thread through the Confederate forces forced her to make do … Read More