All Good Things

a eulogy for Richard Monaco by Leverett Butts When I was a teenager, as many of you know, I discovered on the shelves of an Atlanta used bookstore the book that would figuratively chart the course of my life: Richard Monaco’s Parsival or a Knight’s Tale. The story is not new. I have told it time … Read More

Settling Back With Some “Scotch”

A review of Reb MacRath’s Southern Scotch by Tony Daniel When you first dive into Reb MacRath’s Southern Scotch, it’s almost like the title itself. Smooth, easy going down, and something to be savored. Then, like any good scotch whiskey, the burn settles in, and you want another glass… and another… and another. As the story … Read More

Conjectures of a Guilty Bystander: MLK and Dixie

an essay by Matthew Boedy There are many famous streets in the South. Beale, Bourbon, Main. But there are also some famous intersections. Some cannot be explained except in the South such as the meeting of War Eagle Drive and Roll Tide Lane in Huntsville.   Some are self-explanatory such as Spaghetti Junction in Atlanta. … Read More