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Colorado Red Cliff

Coyote Song Trail near Denver, Colorado

This is  our Summer 2016 issue. We hope you are enjoying our new layout and that this site is easier to navigate than before. The updates are still ongoing though, so you will notice many of the illustrations are missing from the previous issues. This is especially noticeable in the “Images” sections of the archives. Rest assured that these pictures are by no means gone forever. We will continue to update them over the next few weeks.

In our Words department this issue, we have several works of new, previously unpublished fiction. In “Denali,” Chris Negron tells the story of a judgmental businessman judges eventually forced to interact with the judged. In Scott Thompson’s “Devil’s Horses,” a struggling Southern family experiences the evil of carried omens. Finally, Richard Monaco gives us a sneak peak into his latest novel with an excerpt from Dead Blossoms: The Third Geisha, a hard-boiled samurai mystery available now from Venture Press.

Our featured poet this issue is James A Perkins, whose poems,playfull combine serious themes with nostalgia and humor.

In our Images department, Lee Laney, a folk artist from rural Georgia, shares some of his paintings that, while whimsical, are often subtle critiques of pop culture.

In our Columns and Reviews department, Caroline Connolly gives a piece of flash-nonfiction exploring a problematic creative writing prompt.

I hope you enjoy this new issue. If you do, please send your friends our way, and if you don’t, at least send your enemies.


Colorado Mountainscape

Rocky Mountains, Colorado