Love Time

Time can’t let up, we all
Stiffen and gather slowness like
Old-style clocks, with works and springs,
That ticked or made sounds like chewing
In the night…

We’ve had our works and springs;
Time goes on eating and is never full, tonight,
The moon is round as a dial and luminous,
Measuring, gearless, the infinite dark-
Never done…

Some ancients said (whose clocks
Were sun, sand and water) the moon
Repeats herself forever; you and I
Tick on together under stars that end,
Moderns say…

The moon, like us, afloat
In nothingness, is full for a moment,
Like love, the sole light that matters in a night
Where billions and billions of suns are
Running down…

My old clock has two hands,
Not numbers, near you, my hands
Measure the palpable without counting
Anything.  My springs are sprung, my lady, time
Stays hungry…
Lovers have no time for time,
And count on nothing

by Richard Monaco