Witch Jazz

A short story by Scott Thompson Can jazz kill? I don’t mean the lifestyle, but the love of jazz? The passion. Before my second life with Wells Cunningham I would have said no, but before that I was lost. Our first life together was in the mid-1990s, our freshman year of college. Both of us were … Read More

Love Time

Time can’t let up, we all Stiffen and gather slowness like Old-style clocks, with works and springs, That ticked or made sounds like chewing In the night… We’ve had our works and springs; Time goes on eating and is never full, tonight, The moon is round as a dial and luminous, Measuring, gearless, the infinite … Read More

The Great Escape

Creative non-fiction by Christopher B. Bell My parents’ seventeen year marriage was a bitter battleground and their children its victims.  I do not remember the source of their constant arguments, but shouting in my home was as familiar as the feel of my fingers through my hair. My sister, eight years older than me, dealt … Read More

Exile Poems

Excerpts from Joe Milford’s poem cycle: Exiles Exile Poem IV 1. Paris came back from exile. Discord tossed the apple. Welcome Western culture as we know it. 2. Adam ate the fruit. The flaming sword and the wife he left behind, Lilith. I’d have taken both to a happy bed. 3. Persephone with one seed gave … Read More

More Exile Poems

More excerpts from Joe Milford’s poem cycle: Exiles Exile Poem IX. Miguel de Unamuno Your philosophy of immortality, our irrational self In battle with our mortality—we know we will die Yet still fight for everlasting life. You taught that consciousness Was a disease, and the Fascists’ greatest enemy was intelligence. Exiled to the Canary Islands, and … Read More

Mother Blues

A short story by Jodi Armstrong When I get a good enough one I read aloud to Syd:  It’s that time again, when murder becomes not just merely a possibility, but a blood thirsty demon residing inside me, threatening to make good its desire.  I am not a werewolf; I have PMS.” “You can’t start … Read More

Love and Celestial Mechanics

Richard Monaco For David and Marlys I strain in her void as she abhors her vacuum: Alone in our orbits, linking up again In worldless distances where no breath breathes, Where even lovers know no up or down, We keep preserved in insulated systems (Here in a bounded but infinite bed) With life support a … Read More

For the Fragile Muses

A short story by D. Jason Fleming It’s not important, but I had no business going to university. Don’t look at me like that. I’m serious. Yeah, okay, we’ve been sitting here chewing over the problems of the world. And you’re right, I’m not dumb. Got my I.Q. measured in elementary school. No, I don’t … Read More

The Amorous Cleric

Short fiction by Denny Goetz Accordingly, I took my leave, my sandaled feet moving me briskly toward Main Street and the location of House Claypeter. May I say, Lord, this was to become a path well-trodden. In the old days, before asphalt and the formal sidewalk, I would certainly have worn it into a substantial … Read More