The Gentle and the Mean

A Review of the Poems of Robert Penn Warren by Matthew Buckley Smith The central question to ask of any lyric poem, and perhaps of lyric poetry at large, is not ‘What does it mean?’ or ‘What is it about?’ or even ‘What does the author intend?’ but rather ‘What does the poem itself actually do?’ It’s very easy to name the very difficult thing the … Read More

Risk-Free: A Review of A Private Press’ Risky

Review by Leverett Butts Nicola Dixon (vocals) and Ian Schaefer (music) Risky does not sound like a self-produced debut album of an independent band, and that makes sense because Nicola Dixon (vocals) and Ian Schaefer (music) are not debut musicians. While A Private Press formed about two years ago, the two have been performing together since … Read More

Parting the Red Ropes

By Elisabeth Ann South Door Guy: “Are you on the list?” Me: “They have lists in Brooklyn??” I know. I know. What a bitch, right? Well, it sounded bad, but I didn’t mean it that way, really. But there was no explaining that to the door guy. Not doorman, “door guy”. Doormen reside in Manhattan, and … Read More