The Coyote Always Hungers

An excerpt from Guns of the Waste Land: Departure by Leverett Butts What has come before: When I left home, Ma told me not to be asking nobody questions on account of they might take a hankering to kill me. That’s how I got lost. My dead grandfather woke me up one morning after I had been wandering … Read More

Heroes in the Woods

Short fiction by Will Blair G-Man and I are waiting for our enemy, the nefarious buck, to reveal himself in the dewy woods. It’s the first time our dads have allowed us to hunt by ourselves, even though they’re not too far away, and we’re loaded with 30/30s, plenty of Gatorade, five sandwiches, chips, and … Read More

The Same T-Shirts

A poem by Charles Farmer They would name things after you. City streets that people have to take, maybe a terrace or circle. A charity, post office, cancer awareness rally. But you never leave the county. Everything is off the rack. You settle for prints instead of paintings, Valentine’s Days at chain restaurants. Holly Golightly without the … Read More

Rounders and the Amazon Women

Creative nonfiction by John Sheffield My education in England began at a kindergarten-cum-primary school near my home. Generally, the girls stayed on for the primary grades, while most of us boys were shipped off to all-boy preparatory schools. For sport we played rounders—a game in which someone hurled a tennis ball at you. You tried … Read More

We Dress Up for Museums

A poem by Charles Farmer You were something in make-up, with borrowed credit cards, mispronouncing starters on the brunch menu, punching me on my right shoulder after we saw Rothko’s “73,” your way of making the moment more than a field trip. You even tried to pay for parking with handfuls of change. But you … Read More

Neighborhood, The Bronx

An excerpt from Richard Monaco’s upcoming memoirs, No Time Like the Past My worst childhood disease was falling in love once a year after I was nine. Two times if you count the actress Virginia Mayo. At 10, as mentioned, I was sick with jealousy over my best friend’s sister who was nicknamed “Sister.” Danny was … Read More