Jeff Abney

Jeff Abney is a native of Alabama and a long-time resident of Tallapoosa, Georgia. He teaches visual art and ceramics at Haralson County High School where he is fine arts dept. chair and has taught as an adjunct instructor of ceramics at The University of West Georgia.

Abney received the Bachelor of Arts degree (1982) and Bachelor of Science in Education degree (1986) from Jacksonville State University in Jacksonville, Alabama. In 2009 he received the Master of Art Education degree from The University of West Georgia. He travelled to Japan in 2004 with a group of U.S. educators as a part of the Fulbright Memorial Fund Teacher Program to study Japanese culture and education. 

Abney works most often in clay and mixed media. Upon his retirement from teaching, he plans to live in the mountains of North Georgia and become a potter that does not have to try to make a living from his work.

Artist’s Statement:

This body of work, “Relics of Loss,” addresses the issue of inevitable loss that is experienced as a result of the impermanence of the natural world. Regardless of how loss occurs, whether suddenly due to the tenuous nature of physical existence or gradually through the process of decay, it is a fact that people die, objects decay, and, as musician Neil Young said, “rust never sleeps.”
    The goal was to examine the emotions and attitudes associated with loss and, on a personal level, to share the thoughts, feelings, and attitudes that came from having experienced the sudden death of a spouse. On a social level, the goal was to encourage people to examine their own feelings toward the inevitability of loss and death.