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Richard Monaco - Author of Parsival and other books

Richard Monaco by Scott Thompson

This is  our new 2017 issue. You may notice that I did not write Spring or Summer 2017. We are are trying a slightly new format this year. Instead of holding onto good submissions until the next quarterly update or frantically casting about for last minute submissions when the next update approaches during a slow time, we are going to try simply uploading new entries as they come in throughout the year and see how that works. So this is our 2017 update.

In this issue, celebrating our third year of publishing, we welcome some new contributors. In our Words department this issue, we have several works of new, previously unpublished fiction. In “Friends,” Elizabeth Zane explores the different manners in which friends can complicate lives. In “Jay the Bird,” Elizabeth Royer illustrates the heartbreak and the path to acceptance.

Our featured poet this month is Michelle Correll, a senior at the University of North Georgia and a talented writer and poet, from whom we expect to see more great words.

In our Columns and Reviews department, Tony Daniels reviews the new edition of Reb MacRath’s first Boss MacTavin novel, Southern Scotch, and Matthew Boedy contemplates the irony of the intersection of MLK Boulevard and Dixie Street.

On a more somber note, we at Grand Central Review are saddened to announce the passing of one of our founding editors, Richard Monaco, of cancer on June 13th. It was on his roof that he, Scott Thompson, and I came up with the idea for this journal, and it was his encouragement that kept us putting out new editions even when our submissions were slim. While Grand Central Review will continue, it is heart-breaking to do so without Richard’s guidance. I am sharing the eulogy I wrote for him in the Columns and Reviews section.

I hope you enjoy this new issue. If you do, please send your friends our way, and if you don’t, at least send your enemies.


Scot Thompson, Richard Monaco, and Leverett Butts